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Because keeping track of kids ages and pregnancy is hard. This is for my use only, just needed a place to put the HTML codes, move along. :)

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sunday_reveries Picture prompt.

(OOC: Ollie is ceoqe and used without permission but with love.)

Picture Prompt.

It took her years to get to the point where she was comfortable with this. Comfortable enough with herself to accept that yes, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. There was a lot of fighting, a lot of screaming, an incredibly painful break up that she still thought of as the hardest decision she ever made, and an awful year and half away from him. But they made it work, they matured, they talked, they discussed things and they reached conclusions.

They have now for twenty two years. Twenty two years, that's more than half of her life. They got together when she was only nineteen, he was twenty, and they made it. And ever since they got back together after that year and half, she never doubted they would.

They were ready then, both of them. Finally on the same place. No more secrets, no more insecurity, just them, facing everything together, working as a team. A very good team, in her opinion.

And now their kids are grown, starting lives of their own, leaving for college, building relationships and careers. Soon, they are gonna be on their own again; watching from a distance as their kids make the same mistakes they did when they were young, watching as they fix those mistakes and learn from them. Their part is almost done.

Soon Ollie will retire Green Arrow, soon they will both work less and just look at their careers as another thing they've accomplished. Because as time goes by, those things start to matter less and less and having the other, healthy and by your side, is what matters the most.

They sacrificed a lot of their time together over all these years, for good causes. But soon, will be time to pass their responsibilities on to the next generation and enjoy their time with each other. And then, that will be all they need.

justprompts - Rush Hour Traffic.

(OOC: Ollie is ceoqe and used without permission but with love.)

Just. Two. Blocks. Two freaking blocks. That was the distance between their new apartment and The Daily Planet. Not a big deal, right? Two blocks, shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to get through, to drive through, to make it home. Two minutes, no more than that, right? Wrong. So very wrong.

Wrong because she completely forgot about the goddamn Sharks game. Wrong because the stadium was in the same direction as the new apartment. Wrong because the goddamn game started in half an hour and she didn't even bother looking out the window before getting into her car and pulling out of the garage, and then it was too freaking late to back up.

She had been sitting in the car for ten full minutes now.Collapse )